Advanced Corporate Credit Analysis -2022

  • Event Date

    17 October, 2022

  • Event Time

    4 Days 17TH - 20TH October, 2022 - Dubai, U.A.E


  • The proper understanding and management of Credit and Risk is an essential element for a bank to succeed and to maintaining sustainable growth. A profitable corporate credit portfolio is indispensable to achieve the bank's vision, strategy and goals for growth.  It is an imperative risk, in addition to liquidity, market and operational risks to manage closely and carefully. For this an understanding of the technical methods and approaches to handle this risk is beyond description.


  • This is an intensive fast paced training program covering such risks. It covers credit principles, processes, policy, financial analysis, assessment, modelling of risks under different testing scenarios, and how they relate to Risk Management based lending by banks and other financial institutions.  The program starts with basic principles of credit and quickly grows into complex best practice methods of dealing with risks associated with relevant industries. It introduces you to methodical ways to approach customer's request for credit and how this request manifests itself into a process to conclude the most appropriate risk level the bank would be ready to accept for the right price. This will be through:
  • Understanding the process and how it helps to achieve the bank's vision and strategy
  • Implementing Risk Management based approach to identify and price the risk
  • Analysis and understanding the financial statements and conclude appropriate recommendations
  • Control marginal credits that may lead to bad debts



  You will learn:

• The fundamentals of corporate credit extension

• Types of Credit Manuals and how to prepare one

• The analysis and presentation of a credit proposal

• The corporate credit approval process in a bank

• The techniques used in approaching and analysing specific industries

• The pricing of a credit proposal

• The types of security and support that impact a credit proposal

• How to prepare a marketing plan

• How to plan and execute a call report/visit to the customer

• How to prepare the credit application and what areas to cover

• The analysis of the financial statements and ratios analysis

• Stress testing under different scenarios

• The development and progress on Basel II, III, IV

• Risk Management principles and implementation

• Risk tolerance, Risk Appetite, Risk Metrix

• Risk Grading and Risk Rating

• Capital Adequacy within Risk management as related to credit

• The use and calculation of RAROC

• Using PD, LGD and EAD to determine expected loss (EL)

• The use of Moody's or S&P Metrix as a fast-track method to Risk Management implementation

• The warning signs of a deteriorating credit quality of a relationship and solutions to recovery



  • Senior Credit Analyst
  • Head Credit Risk, Risk & Compliance
  • Loan Syndication Manager
  • CRO
  • Credit Controller
  • Credit Appraisal
  • Risk Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Corporate Banking
  • Credit Lending
  • Fund managers investing in corporate debt
  • Personnel in Sovereign Wealth Funds with corporate risk exposures


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