Contracts Drafting Negotiation & Dispute Resolution – 2022

  • Event Date

    31 October, 2022

  • Event Time

    4 Days 31ST October – 3RD November, 2022


  • The globally challenging business environments, instabilities and fluctuating energy, mining, oil & gas prices force the corporates and governments to investigate new opportunities of markets, hence a protective contract drafting is essential. The disputes are more complicated these days due to multi parties involved, sanctions and also difficulty in assuming the future.
  • Oil and Gas, Energy or Mining industry management, legal and procurement teams performing on international level have to master the contracting draft as well as dispute resolutions for their successful result.
  • Manager should always work closely with the legal team to coordinate smooth operating.
  • During the course, Upstream license or partnership contracts to procurement contracts will all be revised. The case studies, all will be from the real or close to real examples.
  •  The contract negotiations will be smoothened and dispute resolution approach will be strengthened after the course.
  • Transforming leadership, risk assessment, digital approach on procurement will all be discussed.



Key benefits aimed from attending the workshop:

  • How to make sure the investment approvals are properly executed to minimize risks at the early stage of high value contracts
  • How to effectively draft and use contracts minimizing risk to the company
  • How to negotiate international contracts with higher values and complexities
  • To minimize the risk by conducting the assessment on all aspects
  • Drafting suggestions of the Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Letter of Intent (LOI) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Not to avoid review of the miscellaneous contract clauses often neglected
  • Contractor and Sub-Contractor evaluations and continuous feedback to learn lessons from previous activities
  • To improve the planning quality for continuous budget optimization
  • How to protect the governmental or private corporate image by right policies incorporated and applied
  • Environmental and community social responsibilities are show stoppers for a project or activity.
  • Use the correct contractual language and terminology
  • Supplier, business partner selection for the importance of a successful result for all parties
  • Understand what to do in the event of a dispute and how to resolve disputes




  • Contract
  • Commercial
  • Legal
  • Business Development
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Government Officials and Regulators
  • Project
  • Engineering
  • Strategists, Planners and Analysts
  • Asset Management
  • E&P Professionals
  • Consultants & Advisers
  • Geologist
  • Strategic Planners and Analyst.
  • Chairman
  • MD / CEO


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