Advanced Retail Banking and Digital Transformation - 2023


  • Retail banking retains high potential from Africa’s underlying economic growth, the unmet needs of consumers, and the enormous financially disadvantaged populations.  Fintechs, payments services providers and mobile services providers have taken a large market share through innovative business models and exploiting regulatory differentials. 
  • Covid-19 has been shocking that has disrupted banks, accelerated trends towards rapid innovation and digitization and increased pressures on performance.
  • It is therefore important to tackle these challenges, to equip retail bankers with the knowledge to enable them to balance the challenges of today with the need for future success. Having the unique benefit of a global expert and former banker who has direct experience of the local market place is invaluable – that is what this programme offers.



This highly intensive programme will provide participants with a wide ranging and totally up to date view of the issues and opportunities that retail bankers face.

  • Understand the changing financial landscape
  • Manage the impact of Covid-19
  • Invest in customer service and customer relationships
  • Develop innovative products
  • Improve profitability and optimise use of capital
  • Exploit opportunities for innovation and growth
  • Manage credit risk
  • Leverage distribution and products to drive revenues and growth
  • Use payments to compete
  • Explore the future of retail banking.




 Head of Retail Banking

Head of Branch Banking

Head of Branch Network Management/Development

Distribution Heads and Specialists 

Regional Managers and Branch Managers 

Head of Delivery Channel Strategy 

Head of Sales Development

Head Of Customer Service

Customer Experience Directors/Managers

Head of Operations 

Head of Strategy 

Chief Technology Officer / IT Managers 

Head of Payments 

Head of Strategy


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