Corporate Governance - Building And Managing Your Board Smart Way - 2023


  • Our corporate governance masterclass delivers an intense, four-day program of knowledge that will make all the difference in your boardroom. With interactive discussion, sharing of proven boardroom best practices, “what would you do?” exercises, and immediately usable ideas, you’ll build the strategies and specific actions to shape your board into a powerful, professional fiduciary. 
  • No matter the legal structure of your organization, your board members (and supporting staff) will gain from this boardroom intelligence.
  • A truly successful effective, modern board is almost impossible.  The legal, professional and personal dangers are huge, the board structure we all must work in is archaic, and you’re a sincere, but overwhelmed part-timer forced to wrestle with a scary task. 
  • But now you can get the tips, tools, ideas, and confidence that will help you make an impossible job a bit less crazy.   Be prepared for active participation, extensive give-and-take discussion, and gaining a thorough knowledge of improved company governance, all in a confidential learning environment.


  • Master the tools needed for effective board support
  • Gain personal confidence in fulfilling their role as board members
  • Understand (and navigate) the division of duties between board and management
  • Learn to analyze board information and corporate controls
  • Be prepared for their first board meetings
  • Effectively evaluate the performance of their boards
  • Shape strong board leadership, committees and board information structures.
  • Save time and effort in board work



  • MD/CEO
  • Corporation /Board Secretary
  • Board Members
  • Women of boards and Sub-Committee
  • Company Secretary And General Counsel
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Independent and Non-Executive Directors
  • Functional Directors (Legal, AUDIT,
  • Corporate Governance Professionals
  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Corporate legal Firms
  • Ministry Professionals
  • Permanent Secretary
  • Principal Secretary
  • State Ministers
  • Undersecretary
  • Directors


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